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Project Profile

Project Profile is a preliminary project proposal in which costs and benefits (of the project) are estimated. In other words, project profile is a preliminary cost-benefit analysis of a proposed project. Profiting is the second stage of successive detailed project analysis that proceeds from project idea, to profile, to pre-feasibility, to feasibility, and finally to ‘final design’ or a Business Plan. Business Plan is a guideline regarding how an intended or proposed business should be organized and run.

Feasibility Report is the final determination regarding the viability of any proposed investment project. Only the best alternative identified in a pre-feasibility study is developed in a feasibility study covering all economic/financial, institutional, social, and engineering or technical aspects of the project. Rahamat & Associates Limited has already made successful, satisfactory and contributed approach regarding with project profile related services.

How We Help

Following are the major areas covered in a Project Profile: