The Internship Policy of Rahamat & Associates Limited

Please read the following carefully before applying for internship in the Rahamat & Associates Limited


Rahamat & Associates Limited is a renowned law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are providing and dealing with all sorts of legal and professional services and matters to operate and run in connection with the Companies Act, Trade Organization Act, Societies Registration Act, Trust Act, Income Tax Ordinance, Sales Tax, Gift Tax, Customs Act, Value Added Tax Act, Estate Duty Act, Patent-Design and Trademark Registration Act, Copyright Act, Bangladesh Accounting Standard (BSA), International Accounting Standard (IAS) and any other Acts which are prevailing and operative in Bangladesh. We provide Income Tax Consultancy, Accounting Services, Company Law & Corporate Affairs, Value Added Tax (VAT), Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), ERC, IRC, Project Profile and local & international Accountings Outsourcing and any other services as the company as well as individual may think fit and proper. We are committed to provide the best services to our clients.

1. Internship in the Rahamat & Associates Limited

– Rahamat & Associates Limited’s Internship Program is aimed at facilitating exposure, awareness, expertizing and sensitization of the Interns to the key issues and challenges in the areas of Income Tax, Company Law & Corporate Affairs, and Rahamat & Associates Limited’s work. Its internship is also designed as a learning opportunity for would-be professionals on specific aspects of Rahamat & Associates Limited’s on-going activities such as Income Tax, Company Law and Corporate Affairs’ engagement with a particular focus on income tax advocacy and organizational effectiveness.

– A learner – usually a student – who is granted an affiliation with Rahamat & Associates Limited for hands-on experience of work for a limited period with no salaries or benefits other than the conveyance indicated hereinafter is called Rahamat & Associates Limited Intern. The Internship in here may or may not be related to a Degree program that the Intern may be enrolled in at the time of Internship.

2. Qualification

– Students enrolled in final year LL. B LL.M or equivalent level or post-Masters studies in a recognized university, or who have finished such studies but are not currently employed in a full time job, and want to build their career in the area of Income Tax Consultancy Lawyer may apply directly or through appropriate authority of the Company for a position of Internship in Rahamat & Associates Limited.

– Candidates must be within the age limit of 35 years and should have good academic record – at least one first division/class or equivalent results and no third division or class throughout academic career.

– Good knowledge of problems of Income Tax Ordinance and Company Law in Bangladesh, communication skill in both Bangla and English and computer literacy would be of advantage.

– Qualifications may be relaxed for the exceptional candidates.

3. Application & Selection Process

– A substantive application within a maximum of 350 words should be submitted to the Managing Director explaining:

a) reason(s) for choosing Rahamat & Associates Limited for internship and expectations of the applicant;
b) applicant’s understanding of the work of Rahamat & Associates Limited; and
c) specific area within the work of the Company in which the applicant is willing to take up the internship, and why.

– The application should be attached

a) with full curriculum vitae
b) passport size photograph (three copies)
c) Photocopy of NID
d) names and contact addresses of at least two referees.

– The position of Internship in Rahamat & Associates Limited is offered only after satisfactory evaluation of the applicant’s qualification, potential and interest. Rahamat & Associates Limited’s judgment and decision are final in this regard. Rahamat & Associates Limited reserves the right to accept or reject any application with or without offering explanations.

– Applications for Internships are received throughout the year. Decisions are normally communicated within 4-6 weeks after the receipt of the application. Evaluation may sometimes require face to face interview. Academic record and referees’ reports are also considered. Incomplete applications are not considered.

– Rahamat & Associates Limited strongly upholds the principle of equal opportunity to all eligible candidates irrespective of sex, religion or any other marker of identity. Any attempt to seek favors or to influence the decision making process is treated as disqualification.

4. Non-resident Bangladeshis and Foreign Nationals

– Bangladeshi nationals staying out of the country and foreign nationals fulfilling the above requirements are also eligible to apply for internship. The same selection procedure will be applicable for foreign nationals as in case of Bangladeshis. Rahamat & Associates Limited will take no responsibility to arrange visa, travel, accommodation, or any other logistics, which will be the intern’s own responsibility. However, Company may issue a letter testifying the Intern’s status with the Rahamat & Associates Limited.

5. Terms of Contract

– Once a candidate is selected for internship and the Intern reports to Rahamat & Associates Limited to commence the internship, a letter of contract signed by an authorized official of Rahamat & Associates Limited will be countersigned by the Intern, implying that the terms and conditions detailed in this document will be applicable. In addition, specific job description and other terms, if any, that may be applicable on a case by case basis will be separately provided in the letter of contract or as attachment to the same. The Intern shall carry out such duties and responsibilities as are specified in the Internship contract. S/he will also be agreeable to discharge any other related responsibilities as may be assigned by the appropriate authority of Rahamat & Associates Limited.

6. Values & Ethics of Rahamat & Associates Limited

– All Interns must be committed to the values, vision and mission of Rahamat & Associates Limited and are under obligation to follow the Rahamat & Associates Limited Code of Ethics, which can be viewed in

7. Supervision, Tenure, Probation

– The Intern will work under the supervision of a senior member of the Rahamat & Associates Limited staff who will be regarded as the Intern’s Line Manager, and to whom the Intern will report.

– The tenure of Rahamat & Associates Limited Internship is usually up-to 12 Months, but can be extended subject to the discretion of the Rahamat & Associates Limited.

– Rahamat & Associates Limited Internship is provisionally offered for a probation period of two months on the basis of evaluation of which the offer is confirmed for the full tenure. If the authority is not satisfied with the performance of the incumbent during the probation period, the provisional offer may be annulled.

8. Placement, Working Hours and Leave

– The place of Internship will be normally at the Rahamat & Associates Limited office in Dhaka or any of its working areas outside Dhaka.

– Working hours and public holidays for the Intern shall be the same as for Rahamat & Associates Limited staff. The Intern will be entitled to casual or other leave subject to the approval of the Supervisor in conformity with the relevant rules of Rahamat & Associates Limited.

9. Monthly Allowance

– Interns in Rahamat & Associates Limited are not salaried staff. However, conveyance will be paid if the interns are being used directly company purposes.

– If client visits are required in connection with the given assignment, the cost of travel and accommodation will be covered by Rahamat & Associates Limited on actual basis and consistent with the relevant category.

– Monthly allowance shall not be applicable for Non-resident Bangladeshis and foreign nationals except under special circumstances to be approved on a case by case basis.

10. Office & Related Facilities

– To the extent possible, Rahamat & Associates Limited will try, but does not guarantee, to provide logistic support such as workstation, telephone and internet use, supply of stationery and other facilities, that may be required for proper discharge of assigned tasks by the Intern.

11. Reporting, Evaluation & Certificate

– One month before the end of the tenure of Internship, the Intern will submit a detailed report to the Supervisor/Line Manager narrating and analyzing the outcome of the internship. On the basis of this report and overall evaluation of the Intern’s work Rahamat & Associates Limited will issue a Certificate to the Intern as soon as possible after the conclusion of the internship indicating assessment of performance.

12. Status and Future Prospects in Rahamat & Associates Limited

– Nothing in these terms shall imply an employer-employee relationship between Rahamat & Associates Limited and the Intern, who shall throughout the duration of the internship, be deemed to be entitled to no status, payments or benefits other than those specified in this document.

– In case vacancies are created for regular appointment, and subject to fulfillment of necessary qualification and experiences applicable to all applicants, Interns will be eligible to apply for job in Rahamat & Associates Limited during the Internship period or thereafter. Such applications will be treated as par with other qualified applicants for the same position, and working as intern would not automatically be considered as an advantage.

13. Termination

– Both parties – Rahamat & Associates Limited and the Intern – may terminate the Internship contract. In this context, intern must provide a notice before 3 months for the termination of internship. Rahamat & Associates Limited will have the right to terminate the Internship without any notice period if the Intern is:

a) convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude

b) found guilty of misconduct or

c) violated the Code of Conduct of Rahamat & Associates Limited or without any causes.

14. Amendment

– Provisions of this policy shall be amended, canceled, annulled or extended by a decision of the Rahamat & Associates Limited Management. On any matter of gap of interpretation, understanding or conflict arising out of the above, decision of the Rahamat & Associates Limited Management shall be mandatory and final.